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We know choosing a retaining wall contractor right the first time is important.Our retaining walls offer both function, beauty and built to last. We have been providing bay area families with quality and well built retaining walls for

over 10 years.

When considering hiring a contractor there are many questions that go into building a retaining wall that must be asked.

1.How wide and deep should the footing be? (This is the most important part of the project)

Retaining wall Contractor


2. Does the contractor have experience ?

Reading blueprints for retaining wall

3.What type of equipment do I need ?

Retaining wall contractor East bay...

4.Does it need to be engineered ?

All Access Construction ...510-701-4400

5.How much drainage do I need ?

Drainage contractor ...All Access construction


6.How tall should it be ?

All Access Construction


We can take the guessing part out for you. At All Access Construction we stand ready to serve you and answer any and all questions that may come up during the project. As with any retaining wall project the chances of problems coming up is there. With over 25 years of combined experience  we work proactively to minimize any downtime on your project.

We pride ourselves on making sure your retaining wall is install properly  the first time. Everything from digging the footing to adding the proper drainage behind the wall. We will see to it that it's done right the first time

Any of our retaining walls can be built using Keystone, pave stone, Allen block, Belgard ,Redi-rock block system or any other system you may think of.

Who is All Access Construction 

From stamp concrete to retaining walls, irrigation system to pavers. All Access Construction is one of Bay Area and Northern California's most well–respected concrete and retaining wall contractors. Why? Because we believe our work “Starts with commitment, deliver with quality, and finish with success. Make an appointment online or the old fashion way 510-701-4400

Don't let this happen to you or did it already happen?

Retaining wall Contractor ...All Access Construction

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