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Drainage System and the importance of it ….

We all know the damage water can do. When designing a retaining wall there are many factors that goes into it .One of the most important parts is a drainage system other’s include compaction, geo-grid and leveling pad some times called the footing   Without proper drainage this WILL happen and cost you this $$$$$$…..

Retaining wall failure...

Notice no drain rock or drain pipe…

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No drainage : This will happen

In order for any retaining wall to function properly and remain sound ,a drainage system should be a integral part of the wall. Drain rock and perforated pipe should be used to create an effective drainage system.

With our retaining walls we add a minimum of 12 inches of drain rock from the back of the wall to the top of the wall . The perforated pipe is use to divert the water away from the retaining wall .

So as my friend Bruce at look at it as very cheap insurance….

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Over 100 tons of drain rock

At All Access we try to keep it as simple as possible. Remember any of our retaining walls can be built using Baselite Allen block, Belgard ,Redi-rock block system , Versa-Lok or any other system you may think of.

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4 comments on “Drainage: Does My Retaining Wall Need It
  1. Bruce Davison on said:

    So very true Joe! What a lot of contractors don’t realize is, its cheap insurance. Keep on trucking out there in Cali!

    • Thanks Bruce ..Hope you guys enjoying the weather back there…:) Its going to be 70 today out here… I laugh now but for some reason I think its going to rain all of February…

  2. It’s true that water can do a lot of damage. I never thought about having drainage for a retaining wall. I guess that it is a huge problem. Those pictures that you have posted show some serious damage that water can do!

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