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This retaining wall project took place in Mill Valley, CA in Marin County . One of nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Elliot’s found us on the internet.  We gave an estimate on this project in May 2011. Since the retaining wall was about seven feet tall we had to have it engineered and inspected. Along with their summer vacation we ended up starting the job in November 2011.

While we love all our clients, this was one of the best clients we’ve dealt with. Once we got the retaining  wall project going, they just looked out there back yard once in awhile and said it’s looking great for the most part.


The project was pretty simple. Customer had a failing wood retaining wall. They also wanted to add some more room in the backyard for entertainment purposes. They decided to go with the Versa-lok block retaining wall system in the Shasta color.

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Over 100 yards of sand stone was removed


The main challenge here was the sandstone rock we discovered behind the 20 yards of fill dirt which we had to remove. Once we discovered the sandstone, the customer and I came up with a game plan to only go back 8 feet instead of the original 10 feet to save time and money.

To speed up the process of getting the sandstone out we rented an excavator with a 750 pound Jack Hammer. This alone saved us about three days. Due to the limited room in the back yard we had to first remove over 100 yards of dirt. Then we brought approximate 100 yards of drain rock for the retaining wall.

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Removing over 100 yards of sandstone

Once these challenges were met, we were able to use our bobcat equipment to complete this job in about 15 days, including inspection. As with all of our retaining walls, we included a full French drainage system that tied into the customer’s existing drainage system.

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Versa Lok Retaining wall

In this retaining wall project  we used McNear Standard Blocks, however these walls can be built using Keystone, pavestone, Allen block , Belgard or Redi-rock block system.

In closing, the customer was extremely satisfied and had this to say about the completed project,

we did plant climbing fig and used the source you recommended thank you! The wall is great.

The following products and materials used on this project:

  • 560 sq. ft McNear Standard Block (35 tons/70,000pounds)-Each pallet weighs approximate 3200 pounds.
  • Import  100 yards of Drain Rock (68 tons /136,000 pounds ) 1 yard of drain rock weighs approximate 2650-2750 pounds
  • Remove 100 yards of dirt. (65 tons /130,000 pounds) 1 yard of sandstone dirt weighs approximate 2500-2600 pounds
  • 200- feet of Drainage Pipe
  • 6- yards of Base Rock

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