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The importance of setting up concrete forms the right way

Part of pouring concrete is setting up the forms. This part of the job is very critical. Concrete forms set up the wrong way is a recipe for disaster. Below you will see how its done the right way the first time. So when someone tells you “THEY DO CONCRETE”

1.Ask them can they build forms ?

[metaslider id=2476]

2.Do they use a laser ?

Do I need a laser for my retaining Wall ...

3. Whats the true size of a 2*4*20? (That was on the contractor test..Smile)

4.Whats the difference between #8 and #16 nail?

5.What size re-bar will they use for your project?

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6.What size stakes do they use?

Of course we can answer all the questions above and any that may come up during the project.

All Access has the expertise and experience necessary to design and execute your cement project from start to finish. Whether you are looking to add a driveway , a stamp concrete patio, a cement slab, or maybe some cement stairs in place of the old wooden stairs. With over  25 years of combined experience both setting up forms and pouring concrete. You can trust All Access with your next concrete, retaining wall, hardscape or any outdoor ideals you may think of.

Who is All Access?

From concrete to retaining walls, modern landscape to pavers. All Access is one of the Bay Area and Northern California’s most well–respected hardscape and landscape contractors. Contact us for your next project by making an appointment online or the old fashion way 510-701-4400

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