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Retaining Wall Footing For Block Wall

A retaining wall footing or leveling pad is the most important part of the project. The footing varies depending on the type of wall you are building.  As you will see at the end of the video. Not doing it right WILL COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY PERIOD.

Here is a quick checklist on what it takes to install a retaining wall footing the right way.

  1. Dig your trench for the footing . Width and depth depends on the type of block you are using

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2. Apply and compact  base rock using a compacter.

East Bay retaining wall contractor

3. Pull a colorful string to make sure the blocks are line up properly. (don’t try to eyeball this)

Retaining wall preparation...All Access construction

4. As you start laying your blocks make sure they are leveled front to back and side to side.

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Know that you have watch the video and saw some pictures. You can see how critical the retaining wall footing is. We’ve seen on many occasions how not installing it right will COST YOU A LOT OF MONEY!!!!

If you feel you can tackle the project yourself read this blog first . I’m sure its a true story somewhere(smile)

Oh yeah here is the list of tools you will need.

  1. Carpenter’s level
  2. Mason’s line
  3. Line Level
  4. Flat-pointed Shovel
  5. Gloves
  6. Safety glasses
  7. Wheelbarrow
  8. Dead blow hammer

In all seriousness our retaining walls offer both function, beauty and built to last. We have been providing the bay area with quality and well built retaining walls for over 10 years. Together our team has over 25 years of combined experience.  We will see to it that its built right the first time

Remember any of our retaining walls can be built using Keystone, pave stone, Allen block, Belgard ,Redi-rock block system , Versa-Lok or any other system you may think of.

Who is All Access?

From concrete to retaining walls, modern landscape to pavers. All Access is one of the Bay Area and Northern California’s most well–respected hardscape and landscape contractors. Contact us for your next project by making an appointment online or the old fashion way 510-701-4400

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5 comments on “Retaining Wall footing… How important is it ?
  1. I can definitely see how this would be an essential part to install with your retaining wall. It looks like a good idea, even if you’re not building the wall on unstable ground. I live on a hill and our yard is starting to slide quite a bit and we’re thinking it’s a good idea to have a retaining wall put in, so it’s helpful to know about these tips.

  2. I like your tip to use a string to make sure that everything is lined up correctly. It can be tempting to eyeball positioning the blocks, but that can lead to an uneven retaining wall. Having a string to guide you and using a level to check if the blocks are even will get you a nice retaining wall. Thanks for the article!

  3. I completely loved your approach of showing the entire checklist through pictures accompanied by text. This made it understanding every thing so easy and clear. Many thanks!

  4. I have been considering getting a retaining wall installed this upcoming spring. Thanks for explaining that I will want to dig down and make a footing for the wall to sit on. It seems like making a retaining was is more complicated than I thought. It might be smart to get a professional to install the wall.

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