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GeoGrid what is it ?

Geogrid is a geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils and similar materials. Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls, sub-bases or sub soils below roads or structures. Soils pull apart under tension. Compared to soil, geogrids are stronger in tension. This fact allows them to transfer forces to a larger area of soil than would otherwise be the case.

Ok… Ok…. that’s the technical term…Hell I don’t even understand it (lol).

Retaining wall Contractor oakland

Geo-Grid All Access Construction

You may have to cut the geogrid at different widths depending on the plans…

When the weight of a retaining wall units along is not enough to retain soil loads geogrid will provide the additional soil reinforcement necessary for your wall stability.  A properly design wall can be constructed to heights exceeding 30-40 feet.

Retaining wall Contractor oakland

That’s still a little too technical so here it is….

It’s safe to say pretty much any retaining wall over 4 feet or with special requirements might need geogrid (Check with your local building department or engineer).

At All Access we try to keep it as simple as possible. Remember any of our retaining walls can be built using Keystone, Baselite ,Allen block, Belgard ,Redi-rock block system , Versa-Lok or any other system you may think of.

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9 comments on “Geogrid: Do I need it for my Retaining Wall?
  1. Great article. You are right on point! Walls over 4 feet need geogrid. The “wall” is really the “geogrid-and-soil” … the blocks are just erosion control at the face.

    Geogrids help us make a “cube” of soil that won’t slide and won’t tip over.

    Very good photos!

    Joe K.

  2. Great read. Short and sweet, simple and to the point. I think this is great because customers are always asking “what is geo-grid?” Full of facts and very helpful insight.

  3. Well written Joe. It kept me reading on, especially keeping it light. Information (including secrets of the trade) will only add to your credibility with customers.

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