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FAQ: Retaining walls

Here we answer your FAQ about Retaining Walls.

1. Why do I need a Retaining Wall?

The why: You may need a retaining wall to minimze erosion on a hillside in your back yard. Not having control of your hillside can cause all kinds of problems for your house most importanly the foundataion.

Sometimes you may have an erosion problem. While correcting the problem you might as well expand your back yard and utilize it to it’s full potinel. Here is a few examples on how you can do that.

FAQ about retaining walls

FAQ about retaining walls

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2. Does my Retaining Wall need drainage?

This is a very important question. The answer is YES. This one of the main reason retaining walls fail. Here is an example of what can happen if you don’t have the proper drainage.

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3. Why do Retaining Wall’s fail?

This is the most FAQ about retaining walls. A lot of it has to do with improper drainage. Without proper drainage hydrostatic pressure builds up which will compromise the wall. Other things includes improper footing , wrong wall height , backfill not correctly compacted . This happens a lot with wood retaining walls.

FAQ about retaining walls ..Why do wood retaining walls fail.

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4. Does my Retaining Wall need a permit?

Rule of thumb if ts over 3 feet yes. Check with your local business department. Some places may included the footing as part of the 3 feet.

5.What kind of Retaining Wall can I have?

The most important part of any retaining wall is that it offer both function, beauty and built to last. . That means correct size footing, proper drainage and proper height. As far as the final look that’s up to you. Check out the diffrent finshes of retaining walls we built over the years .

What kind of retaining wall can I have

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6. How important is the footing for my retaining wall?

The footing is the most important part of any retaining wall. It should be design to prevent any settling especially in area’s with bad soil. A structural engineer will provide rebar details to support the footing and wall. We have done some concrete footings as wide as seven feet wide by two feet thick.

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