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All Access has been at the forefront of “going green” since we’ve been in business. In 2004 we didn’t call it “going green” we just did what we thought was right. All Access Construction have always taken our concrete that we demo to the recycle plant. Our supplier then turns around and crush it into a recycle base rock. Then we turn around and purchase the base rock for half of what we would pay for regular base rock.

Recycle Concrete

I guess he should of wore steel

Recycled Concrete bay area

This has been one of the secrets when it comes to bidding on projects. I guess it’s not a secret now, but this is a secret we are more than happy to share.

All Access recycles over 80 percent of its martial on our projects. What makes it easy for us is that our customer has recycle bins located on their property. We cut our scrap wood down to manageable sizes and discard our yard waste in their recycle bins as well as our water bottles.

Come 2014, we look to recycle over 90% of every project. At every effort All Access tries to work with companies that share our vision when it comes to keeping our landfill and environment clean.

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  1. Something that I really like about concrete, is it’s ability to be recycled. It is cool that they are able to take old concrete slabs and crush them into a recycled rock. I think that recycling concrete is a perfect option to getting rid of stone that can easily be reused.

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