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Advantages of the drip system:

1.Applies the water directly to individual plants therefore not giving an opportunity for random seed to germinate.
2.Water loss due to breaks will be considerably less.
3.Use a regulator to reduce the amount of water pressure in the tubing. Too much pressure can blow the emitters off the tube.
4.Install a filter to keep the water clean and prevent fine sand and sediment from clogging the system. Clean the filter regularly.
5.To check for sufficient watering, turn off the system and dig down deep (at least 10-12″) next to an emitter. If the soil is still dry, you’ll need to irrigate longer. After awhile you’ll become good at this and eliminate guesswork.
To have a drip or sprinkler system install by All Access Landscape give us a call @ 877-241-4571.

All Access Landscape recommendations to saving water:

1. Mulch or Bark. This will help improve plant health, reduce water, improve soil, and keep soil temperature cool in the summer. Recommend 2-3″
2.Reduce your lawn …sod is the biggest water using plant for landscape Consider replacing some of all of your lawn with decorative or stamp concrete , paver’s or other form of hard cape.
3. If you do have lawn mow it 2 to 3 inches this will improve the quality of the lawn and reduce water.

Did you know: That On June 15th each year we get 15 hours of day light and on December 21 we get 9.5 hours of day light. The later in the year the less we have to water our landscape.

The recommendations above are All Access Landscape recommendations. Each yard is different please take what we say into considerations along with your own research.

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