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Remember retaining walls have to be strong enough to hold back the soil behind them. How to build a retaining wall depends upon many factors. Will the retaining wall have to support a heavy vehicle? a building? or just leveling out the yard?

In some parts of California frost must also be addressed when building a retaining wall.

Building a retaining wall is simple in theory. Of course there are some things one should consider.

1. Do I have the right tools? (YOU WILL NEED MORE THEN A SHOVEL)

2. Are my friends and family really going to help? ( PLEASE READ THIS PART TWICE)


3. If I don’t finish in a timely matter will I be sleeping on the couch? (PLEASE READ THIS PART 3 TIMES)




5. How tall will the wall be? (Are you sure you can still handle it…We’re just asking)

retaining wall danville .. All Access


6. Will I need an engineer?

7. Do I need a permit (It’s hard enough dealing with the permit office as a contractor…be sure to bring coffee and donuts for the entire staff)


We at All Access Construction believe in you saving money and if you can honestly answer the questions above, then go ahead and break out the gloves and the old boots. Make sure they are steel toed though. Some blocks weigh over 70 lbs. (ouch!!! kids might be reading this so I couldn’t put the “REAL WORDS” we would normally put but you get it. You know that feeling when you hit your pinkie toe on the bed frame? Well ten times worse). Trust us it happens!

Here are some things you will need!!!

  1. A couple of Shovel’s: both round and square (watch your toes)
  2. A couple wheel barrows (be sure to stretch. If you don’t, make sure you have an ice pack ready)
  3. Concrete Saw at least 12 inches (Please wear your safety glasses, unless you have good health insurance. (It still will hurt though)).
  4. A Level : 2 footer and 6 footer
  5. Snap line (This is use to make sure your footing is straight, *please don’t try to “EYE” it)
  6. A Strong Back

retaining wall tools..All Access construction 510-701-4400

7.Your friends that promised they were going to help. ( ohh!!! they forgot they had “family time” this weekend)

Family Circus - Mommy Fun

8.Maybe a bobcat (Please make sure no one is in the way if it’s your first time driving one)

Drain rock for retaining wall in east bay

9. Drain rock, Base rock (This is where the friends that forgot they had “family time” this weekend were supposed to come in)Retaining wall contractor San francisco...All Access

10.A place to take the extra dirt (Trust us it never all goes back)

Moving dirt..all Access

Plan your retaining wall project accordingly . There is much to consider before beginning construction of a retaining wall. This mortar less system requires no concrete, grout, or pins to hold it together. Here are some other things to take into consideration with your retaining wall: lot lines, utilities, building permits, soil types, cut vs. fill,  site plan, water management and drainage, and site access.Engineer stakes ..All Access Construction

All Access Construction has been at the forefront of “going green” since we’ve been in business. In 2004 we didn’t call it “going green” we just did what we thought was right. All Access Construction have always taken our concrete that we demo to the recycle plant. Our supplier then turns around and crush it into a recycle base rock. Then we turn around and purchase the base rock for half of what we would pay for regular base rock.

Recycle Concrete

I guess he should of wore steel

Recycled Concrete bay area

This has been one of the secrets when it comes to bidding on projects. I guess it’s not a secret now, but this is a secret we are more than happy to share.

All Access Landscape recycles over 80 percent of its martial on our projects. What makes it easy for us is that our customer has recycle bins located on their property. We cut our scrap wood down to manageable sizes and discard our yard waste in their recycle bins as well as our water bottles.

Come 2014, we look to recycle over 90% of every project. At every effort All Access construction tries to work with companies that share our vision when it comes to keeping our landfill and environment clean.

Do you have any ideals that you think All Access Construction can do to help reach our goal?“Like” us on facebook and tell us all about.

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