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This retaining wall construction project took place in San Ramon, California in the Windemere development.


The project was a pretty simple design that the customer presented, together with some input from us.The design consisted of two tiered retaining wall system along with a 1,200 sq.ft of cobble stone pavers.


As with any retaining wall construction project challenges present themselves.

1. Remove approximately 100 yards of clay soil before the rain came.

2. Remove all of the dirt through a 3’6″ gate opening, which could not be removed.  It was a good thing our bobcat MT-52 was only three feet wide.

3. Coordinate access through the client’s three neighbors. Each have easement rights around the property.  We ended up purchasing Starbucks gift cards to help encourage the neighbors to allow us access.

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Remove approximate 100 yards of dirt


Once we got over the challenges, we started building the retaining wall using the Versa lok block. As with any retaining wall, the first course the footing, is the most important.  Both retaining walls went up within 10 days.

We decided to throw in a set of stairs so the customer could access the second retaining wall with ease. Once the retaining wall construction part was completed. We then jumped onto the pavers, using the cobble stone pavers from Mcnear.

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Versa-lok retaining wall

Please read the customers testimonial along with other extremely happy customers statements.

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Materials we use for this project:

  1. 460 sq. ft Versa-lok blocks
  2. 1200 sq. ft Cobblestone Pavers
  3. 130 feet of Drainage Pipe
  4. 25 yards of Base Rock
  5. 15 yards of Drain Rock
  6. yards of Concrete

Other vendors we use include Keystone, pavestone, Allen block , Belgard or Redi-rock block system .